I have been wandering, (hiking and camping) since I was a kid.  Last year (2017) I spent 48 nights in a tent. I LOVE being outside, I LOVE coffee and I also love teaching others about being comfortable in the outdoors.  If you want to know what to bring, what to be worried about (and what NOT to worry about), this is the place for you.

I noticed that there really aren’t very many places to learn about spending time hiking and camping in Central PA.  Sure, if you want to learn about hiking, camping and adventuring out west where the big national parks are, you can come up  with plenty of resources.  But if you want to find out about opportunities to get outside in PA, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

Lastly, because I’m passionate about the outdoors, I’m passionate about Leave No Trace and Sustainability.  You can find more about these topics on the teaching and learning pages.

So cheers! Here’s to finding all the adventure you seek, come along on the journey with me and start your own journey whenever you feel ready.  I’ll be here to hold your hand until you can fly alone.




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