Found! Avoid Getting Lost in the Cascade Mountains

The Story

Have you ever wondered what someone else’s life is really like?  In Found! by Bree Loewen, the author takes you on an inside trip through her life. From raising a little girl to spending endless days and nights rescuing people from the mountains that she calls home.  Where do the rescuers go when there isn’t an emergency?  Who comes when you dial 911 from a ledge?  So often we depend on these people to be there when we need them, and don’t give a thought to what they might be giving up by saving us from our mistakes.

Bree gives us a behind the scenes look at what being a volunteer mountain rescuer looks like.  From how they train and acquire equipment, to what they are thinking and saying as they work to save a living victim or recover the body of a deceased person.  She shows the real-life emotions that rescuers go through both in response to an emergency and in integrating “real life” with what they are called to do.

Along the way Bree takes us on her journey to self-acceptance, and knowledge that rescue is her calling and the one thing that she’s truly passionate about.

Bree Loewen is a past training chair and a current board member for Seattle Mountain Rescue. She has helped hundreds of injured climbers, skiers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who ran into misfortune in the Cascade mountains over the better part of two decades.

Who is it for?

Occasionally sad, frequently hilarious and endlessly insightful, this book will cause you to rethink your relationship with the wilderness and the expectation that someone will be there if you need them.  It opens your eyes to the reality that rescuers are people too, and that they are often giving up a night’s sleep or a relationship with their children to save your butt.  If you don’t finish this book inspired to be more prepared when venturing out, or interested in join a rescue squad, you’ve missed the point.

Borrow or Buy?

I could really go either way on this one.  The stories of rescue and recovery are entertaining, although I’m not sure that I need to relive them.  I do, however, find Bree’s journey from one job to the next very relatable, and I could see myself re-reading Found! just to  gain perspective on my own life.  This also might be a great gift book for a friend who is struggling with finding her place in the world.


Found: A life in Mountain Rescue, Bree Loewen, Mountaineers Books, Seattle WA, 2017,199 pages, $17.95, ISBN 978-1-68051-075-1

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